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Handykette metal chain - gold

Handykette metal chain - gold

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Transparent shock proof smartphone case on a golden/silver/black metal chain. Make a practical Lace look gorgeous. This fashionable Phonelace is
rather jewelry than just a simple smartphone strap. Phonelace frees you from managing your phone when all you want to be is In the Moment. A Phonelace gives you a carefree vibe when Out and About, keeps you connected without feeling preoccupied with your phone. It’s the perfect companion on
the dance floor, exploring foreign cities, in nature, wherever you go, Phonelace brings the look and ease you desire. Times of worrying about your phone, needing a bag, not captured photo moments or smashed screens are over. Wearing tech has never been so trend and fashion proof. If you can’t be without your smartphone, be in style with it.  

Material and characteristics

- shock proof high-quality BASF silicone and scratch-resistant PVC
- Length: 124 cm

Phonelace does not guarantee the integrity of your smartphone. The rings on the
inside of the case can cause scratches.




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